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Aviation Fuel Quality Control Procedures Rick Waite

Aviation Fuel Quality Control Procedures

Rick Waite

ISBN : 9780803120655
52 pages
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 About the Book 

Using straightforward language and illustrations, this manual gives you access to thirty-two common procedures used by fuel handlers to assess and protect aviation fuel quality. In many cases, the field procedure or test method listed is a simplified version of the corresponding ASTM standard method or practice. TO give you as complete a reference as possible, when there is no ASTM procedure, a non-ASTM procedure is included. Some of these procedures are the result of practical dealings with numerous airport systems. Guidance from the Experts - one of the great strengths of this manual is that it was compiled and agreed upon by a task force with wide interests: oil companies, airlines, pipeline companies, third party refueling companies, filter companies, fueling vehicle builders, consultants, aviation products distributors, and other aviation associated organizations.